Mission Statement

      The mission of Madison Creative Arts Academy is to provide a challenging liberal arts academic program for elementary and middle school students that develops individual student abilities while nurturing intellectual, moral, and physical growth.  Thus, we will create a positive environment that engages students through integrative and project-based learning, fine arts education, and physical activity.  This approach will encourage analytical, creative, and practical thinking; stimulate traditional and digital literacy; and foster a strong work ethic, self-discipline and personal accountability, consideration of others, and respect for authority.  By setting high expectations of themselves, our students will gain the knowledge and skills necessary for higher levels of education and will become confident, productive, and compassionate citizens of their communities.

Our Vision

               Our vision for our students is to:


PROVIDE a challenging educational program, highly effective staff, and positive environment to stimulate and promote learning.


DEVELOP a consciousness of moral and ethical values as a basis for making decisions using the ability to think critically and logically, to define and solve problems, and to interpret information.


STIMULATE the ability to read and listen with understanding and discernment.


FOSTER an attitude of service and citizenship to community, country, and world.


ENCOURAGE respect for American traditions and freedoms while promoting cultural understanding.

Guiding Principles

    Madison Creative Arts Academy (MCAA) will provide students within the traditional public school system in Madison County additional public elementary and middle school options, particularly for students and parents interested in liberal and fine arts education.   Moreover, MCAA will provide a significantly smaller middle school environment than currently exists.    


    MCAA is committed to providing a complete, compliant, and compelling educational program open to all students who are able to spend 80% or more of the school day in a traditional classroom.  Increasing student learning and academic achievement will be a cornerstone of MCAA.  The Board of Directors expects to exceed all academic milestones the district schools are currently meeting by exceeding the state average in Florida Standards Assessments, FCAT 2.0 Science, and relevant End-Of-Course Exams (EOCs).  MCAA will accomplish these goals by focusing on highest student achievement, efficient and effective use of resources, and a safe and orderly school environment.  Highly effective teachers and school administrators will create a positive environment conducive for learning, set high expectations, and help students succeed both academically and personally. Furthermore, the Board of Directors will begin the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools accreditation process the earliest year of operation allowed and MCAA faculty will participate in professional development opportunities to learn and to share best practices.


    MCAA will use a blended liberal arts educational program that emphasizes fine arts and physical education that comply with Florida Standards adopted in 2014.  In each grade, students will be required to participate in music, art, Spanish language, and physical education in addition to traditional liberal arts subjects.  The educational program will be delivered in a traditional brick and mortar classroom with certified teachers in combination with digital/online teaching tools and courses.  The focus is to prepare students for success for high school coursework regardless of past academic performance while nurturing their creative and physical abilities.  Schools designed around a liberal arts education that employ arts education and integration and physical education (1) engage students in a rich and rigorous curriculum, (2) establish high expectations for their participation and performance, (3) prepare them for success in high school and beyond, and (4) encourage lifelong learning.  Thus, MCAA will have an educational program that will allow students to gain the knowledge and skills and develop the work ethic, self-discipline, and respect for others necessary for success in higher levels of education.