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PikMyKid is an afternoon dismissal app that allows you to communicate your child's plans for dismissal daily as well as announce when you have arrived in the pick-up line for easy queuing.


User Guides

Check out our Parent Guide here.

Learn how to check in for pickup here.

Learn how to delegate to others for pickup here.

Click here to watch a video to learn more!
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We will begin using PikMyKid on Monday, March 7 for dismissal.  Download the app and create your account today!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What information do I need to set up my account?

Just your name, your email address, and your mobile number.  The system will match you to your student(s) once you register.

How can I announce my arrival at school?

1) Parents can only announce at school beginning at 2:45.
2) Make sure your phone's location services are enabled on both your phone and your PikMyKid parent app.
3) Stop at the stop sign and select the GREEN ANNOUNCE button on your Pick Up tab.

What happens once I announce?

A staff member will place your name in the correct order in the queue.  Be sure to follow their instructions for which lane to enter so that it matches with your children's loading area.  Your children's names will show up in their classroom, letting them know it is time to come to the front. 

Do I need PikMyKid if my student rides the bus or goes to after school care?

Yes!  You can receive notifications for when your students loads to bus or enters the after school care program.  You also can conveniently make changes if they need to use another pick-up method.

How can I make dismissal changes?

Changes for the current day must be made by 2:30 PM.

1) Select your child's name from the "Children" tab
2) Choose the applicable calendar date when you want the change to start OR Select More Actions on your bottom right corner.
3) Select Change Pickup on the box below the calendar OR Create Pickup if using More actions
    a.Select “Next” if the change is for one day only OR
    b.Select one of the options to repeat the change, choose the last day and days

          included in the change, then “Next”
4) Select the desired pickup option from the drop-down. Then select who is picking up.
5) Confirm Change to save your selection-You will see a green notification on the top of the screen with the confirmation of the changes.

Can I designate someone else to pick up my child?


1) Select Account at the bottom of your screen, then select Manage Approved Contacts
2) Select the Create Contact icon (person with a plus sign) to create a new contact. You can also Edit, Delete, or Deactivate delegates as needed by selecting their names. *Inactive delegates will be grayed out and they won't be visible on your list when adding a Delegation to your child's calendar.
Note: Delegates are not able to see your child on their app until you assign them to your child's calendar for specific dates.

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